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Hi everybody!

Wow, where did the summer go? Had a great one and hope you did too. I am so happy to announce the release of my new single, “He Saw My True Beauty.” This song reflects the saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and part of this song comes from my childhood, when I felt anything but beautiful.

My Mom was ill a great deal of my childhood, especially my teen years, and my Dad was a huge influence in my life. Because of her illness, I could never have friends over and felt lonely and a bit isolated. I was 5’10” at age 10 (my current height), kind of chunky, and was sure I was going to be 6’4” like my cousins. I wore braces from age 9 to 16, was teased a lot, and never smiled. I was sure no boy would ever want me.

Every time I was so discouraged about my life, my looks, my dad told me how beautiful I was, and it was my qualities, being kind, helpful, loving etc… that made me beautiful to others, not my looks. And although I didn’t always believe him, his recognition of my self-worth, my inner beauty, helped me to believe in myself as time went on, and of course, he was right. Things did work out.

These thoughts were reinforced one day as I was sitting in the mall recently, having lunch and people-watching. I saw this drop-dead gorgeous girl, so beautiful you couldn’t help staring at her. She was draped around a guy who was so unattractive. But the look on her face said she was totally in love with this guy. I thought, “Wow, what is she seeing that I’m not?” And then I stopped myself and thought… maybe he makes her feel beautiful, maybe he is really smart, kind, etc….

As you can see, “He Saw My True Beauty” came from a special place in my heart, and I hope you love it as much as I cherish the memories it came from. You can listen to it on Spotify and watch the video on my YouTube Channel. Please share it with everyone.
Lots of love,