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Hi everybody,

Wow, summer is here and the days are flying by, and I just got back from two back-to-back road trips. First stop was in Nashville, where we spent a day recording a new song I wrote called The River, for possible use in an upcoming film. It was great to be reunited with some fabulous studio musicians in the famous Omni Studio, and the music turned out beautiful. I’ll keep you posted on this ongoing adventure. Can’t say too much at the moment, but I’m pretty excited.

We spent a couple of days finishing up more business. Then, drove back to Jacksonville, Florida. only to leave right away for Cleveland, Ohio. This time it was more for pleasure and seeing good friends. One thing of interest to me in both cities was the openness from Covid….for the most part no masks required and people are getting back to normal. It made me so happy.

Another thing that’s making me happy is the great reception my new single, “Born Again” is getting on Radio, Spotify, social media, and YouTube. I hope you all will check out the video we filmed of me performing Born Again in concert at Old St. Andrews Church in downtown Jacksonville. What a wonderful night that was. I hope you all are enjoying the summer as much as I am and look forward to getting on the road again and seeing you in person.

Lots of love,