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Hi everybody:

Spring has sprung and life is good. I have spent the past few months working on a new single; actually, a remake of an album cut I put out a few years ago titled, “Born Again” or “How can I be born again.” It has always been one of my favorite songs.

When the inspiration for a song, or what I term a message from God, comes to me, it always comes when I am in great need of help or direction, a personal message. And because of that, I never get tired of performing that song because I remember why it was so encouraging at the time. “Born Again” is one of those songs. It’s about transformation, renewal, a fresh start and most of all, forgiveness. We all need to feel God’s love and guidance, especially when we feel we’ve messed up, and through prayer and repentance, we feel whole again.

I hope the message of this song touches your heart and you feel the same inspiration I felt when it touched mine. I hope to be getting out and performing live again soon and, as always, sending you BIG HUGS and prayers for your safety and protection.

Lots of love,