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Hi Everybody,

A New Year has begun, and I am full of hope that this year is going to bring us all the freedom from the things that tried to bring us down in the past year. In March of last year, COVID-19 had just reared its ugly head and the radio industry wanted messages of hope to go out to its listeners. So, I sent an EP, “Safe In God’s Care” out and it was and still is being very well received. I am so grateful for that opportunity and am seeking other ways where I can help in this coming year.

Last week, my son Nick Brennan, and I did a marathon video shoot at the beautiful Old St. Andrews Church. It was simply amazing. The church was the perfect setting for all the music, and I can’t wait to share some of the songs with you. We started at 11:30 am, and I finally rolled into the old homestead at 2:30 am. Nick performed six songs and sang for 3 straight hours, and I performed 12 songs and sang for 6 straight hours.

Wow!! It still blows me away that I could do the equivalent of six one-hour shows in a row, but God is so good. Many thanks to Flick Wiltshire and his video crew, Desiree Vargas, hair and makeup, our band members, John LeMaster, Alan Dalton, Kerin Lee, Terry Campbell, and last, but not least, Daryl Phenneger, my producer who organized the whole thing. Also, a special thanks to Jade, our coordinator at the church. She went above and beyond in all the help she provided.

In doing these videos, Nick and I hope to share some music with you that might not be possible otherwise with all the health restrictions that are now in place. I am praying daily for you and your families, that we are all free from the craziness that still seems to be going on, and know that we are all safe in God’s care.

Lots of love,