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Wow! July is just galloping away. I can’t believe how fast the month has gone, and so much is going on. First, I’d just like to send all my love out to y’all. It’s not easy being confined the way we have been, but I know all our prayers are going to make this evil pandemic go away. And I hope y’all are safe. I have so much to be grateful for, starting with how receptive everyone has been to my new EP, “Safe in God’s Care. It was released to radio in the hope that it would lift people up in this crisis, and I am so glad that it seems to be bringing comfort to so many.

This past week Country legend Charlie Daniels passed away, and we all are mourning his loss. I have been a huge Charlie Daniels fan for a long time. Even to the point of being inspired to write a similar song for my son, Country star, Nick Brennan. “I Met The Devil” is in the spirit of the iconic Charlie Daniels song, “The Devil Went Down To Georgia”. In fact, we reached out to Charlie, sent him the song, and asked if he would consider being in the music video. He graciously said he loved the song, loved Nick’s voice, and would love to do the video but he couldn’t because he was ill. It would have been a great honor to work with this incredible artist, but we are so happy that at least he heard the song and liked it. “I met the Devil” is being released this week as a tribute to this great man.

I hope you are all keeping your spirits up, and I am praying for you and your families during this difficult time.

Lots of love,