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Hi everybody:

Well, the holiday season is upon us, and I was so excited about Christmas this year that I got caught up writing some new Christmas songs that are being pitched to the Hallmark Channel for their 2019 Christmas movies. I was joined by many of the MC1Nashville artists in recording a bunch of Christmas songs written by a super talented songwriter, Corey Lee Barker. I wrote three songs, “My baby Loves Christmas,” which Nick recorded, and “A Christmas Wish”, and “I Can’t wait For My Baby to Come Home” which I recorded. Nick also recorded one of Corey and his co-writer, Shawn Sackman’s song, “Dog’s Love Christmas Too”. They were all sent off to Hallmark, along with two others that I wrote, “I Want You For Christmas”, a tribute to our military, and “Where have You Gone”. What a fun project and hoping some of these songs will be selected by Hallmark and some other networks.

I also have a new single out called “There Are Days” that is doing really well on radio, and Nick’s new Country single, “Mermaid” was just released to radio as well. You know, Nick and I have spent so much time in the studio over the past year and a half that its time that both Nick and I got on the road. So…I’ll have some good news for you at the beginning of next year where we will be playing and touring. I can’t wait to get on the road and see you all.

I have been so blessed this year and am so grateful to God, for my family, our team of promoters and musicians, our label, MC1Nashville, all the radio stations across the country playing our music, and especially for you! Thank you for all your support. Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas.

Lots of love,