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Hi everybody:

Summer is finally here and life is good. Just finished my new single, “There are Days”, and it will be released on June 17 to radio. And starting that very day, I will be off on a two-week radio tour, promoting it to radio stations around the country, along with my current single, “Here I Am.”

I am so excited to be seeing old friends at stations I’ve previously visited and have given me such great support as well as meeting new ones. It means long hours and a lot of driving but so worth it. I am so blessed! Look for updates and pictures of my travels on my FaceBook page.

I told you last month about my son Nick’s new single, “It’s a Good Time To Fall In Love” and what a lot of fun we had shooting the video. Well, the song is doing great and the video just came out. I hope all of you will go check it out on YouTube. It’s the best one to date, and you are going to love it… and the song.

Both of us will be doing live shows this summer and I’ll keep you posted as to when and where so you can come join us. I hope you and your family will find some precious time for fun and relaxation together this summer, and may God’s great love shine on everything you do.

Lots of love,